Welcome Home

I'm honoured to be facilitating my dear friends Al and Deb's hand-fasting ceremony at the beautiful permaculture woodland of Middlewood
Facilitating hand-fasting at Middlewood.

I invite you to welcome home your innate qualities of Wild, Wise and Free; discover your true potential by experiencing life on your terms, in your embodied self, right here, right NOW.  The place where magic, self-empowerment and courage are found.  It is within the silence of the now, true freedom, peace and love are found.




Wild                                                                           Wise                             Free

When we share sacred space you will:-

  • Re-store your health at a soul level
  • Re-claim your divine power
  • Re-connect to your body’s ancient wisdom

Based in Clitheroe, Lancashire, InBalance offers a full support service to achieve ultimate health and well-being through a range of resources, experiences and tools to assist you to live a fully Sacred Embodied Life.  That means you are met where you currently are, accepted as who you currently are and supported in directing your own journey towards how you wish to fully engage with yourself, others and with wider world.

We are all holistic beings of light experiencing life in physical form, therefore all aspects of our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical forms are needed  to be InBalance in order to fully live the life you were divinely ordained to live.  I therefore invite you to cast off the numbness of tolerating the intolerable,  re-awaken the passions held within your dreams and take the courageous step in journeying into you, the true, raw, natural you; to return to your wild, wise, free self.

During this amazing journey that is our life, it is important to remember that magic is found embedded within the very fabric of the journey itself and when we are aligned, connected and embodied in the present moment, holistically InBalance we are able to heal the wounds which ales us, make allies with the fear which keeps us hesitant to take the next step and deepen our innate wisdom to trust our intuition to guide us instead of a busy, judgemental, irrational head.

As my beautiful soul sister Jackie of flower spirit offers: –

I will support you to make peace with your Past, Feel comfortable in your own skin in this Present and feel inspired about your Future.

I will listen deeply, meet you where you currently are and offer you soul nourishment.

I’ll meet you with my feet on the earth, twigs in my hair and my heart wide open…

…..to dance to your sacred nature,

…..breathe in

…..and embody the beautiful, amazing being that is you.


Ways of working with me:-

One to one







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