Mindfulness and Gestalt Zones of Awareness

Saturday 1st December 2018

The Second of Three Tasters

The Annex, Broyan Road,

Penybryn, SA43 3NL

Judging ourselves has become the social norm for most of us, our thoughts can form a continuous flow of critical judgement focused upon ourselves, others and the outside world. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are intricately connected and when acted upon without awareness can lead to hurtful and harmful consequences.

Mindfulness and Gestalt Therapy focus upon the here and now, what is arising from you in this moment and bringing awareness to that which is usually unseen, unfelt or unheard.

An illuminating workshop designed to heighten your self-awareness using a wide range of experiences and exercises to explore Mindfulness and the three zones of Gestalt. Focusing upon bodily sensations, our contact with the outer world through our five senses and the inner world of our thinking and thought processes. Learn which zone you are most familiar with, and then draw your awareness to experience the other two.

You’ll leave with a greater sense of self, along with vital tools to assist in tempering those negative judgemental thoughts, calming stress levels and experiencing yourself in a greater whole-istic way.

Phone 07436 013878 or Email lynne@inbalance.co.uk Lynne to book.