Reflexology & Metamorphic Technique

Reflexology is one of the best diagnostic tools I have been blessed with experiencing.  Practitioners of old were of the understanding that the map of the body, physically and energetically are reflective in the ears, hands and feet.  Reflexology predominately focuses on the feet and by massaging small reflex points which correspond to areas of the body, releases blocked energy and restores imbalances aiding the body to release toxins and re-balance and find its natural equilibrium once more.   We are energetic beings, and like a healthy river when in full flow, our bodies and minds are nourished, flourishing with vitality and run at optimum health.  However, like a river, when our energy channels, Meridians become blocked or stagnant the free flow of ones life force can be restricted compromising our holistic health.

Reflexology and Aromatherapy work well together, due to the accurate diagnostic resource in ascertaining the body’s current state.  From the information obtained, the most suited Essential Oils can then be selected.  Reflexology can be a stand alone treatment or used in combination with Aromatherapy massage, Meridian and Energy clearing.


Metamorphic Technique evolved from Reflexology but focuses solely on the spinal areas of the feet, hands and head, using the lightest of movements.  With this highly relaxing and transformative therapy, less is more in terms of mental, analytical involvement.  Metamorphic works on the principal that memory of trauma from past events are held within the spinal areas, and can influence us throughout our lives, in retaining unsupportive beliefs and behaviour patterns.  This gentle treatment assists the body to release these stress patterns held within the cellular memory, and like a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, Metamorphoses into ones innate pure potentiality.  This treatment is pure bliss and children love it.


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