Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP)

NLP evolved in the search of excellence.  The question of why some people could achieve certain outcomes that others seemed to fall short of became its driving focus and a broad framework of techniques, therapies and methodologies came about.  NLP explores the connection between neurological processes ‘neuro’, language, ‘linguistic’ and experiential behaviours ‘programming’.   A few more toys to play with within the NLP framework include:-

Establish and maintain rapport with others, even during a heated discussion this can be achieved.

Phobia Cure whether its spiders, flying or heights, long term life limiting phobias can be shown the door, permanently.

Solution focused as opposed to problem focused.  Our minds are built to find solutions to life’s challenges; sadly however we have learnt to focus upon the problems, essentially making a large aspect of our minds redundant.   Problem focusing contributes to higher levels of stress related thinking resulting in emotional dis-ease.  Often big changes can be experienced as a consequence of small changes in ones thought processes, and within the process of letting go of the stress involved in focusing on the problem, solutions burst forth and magic happens.  Happy minds ensue.

Parts Processing work and the unconscious mind: The unconscious mind takes everything literally and could be said to work at the child’s age of 4 or 5.  It doesn’t recognise a negative, so telling a child or adult ‘don’t run across the road or telling yourself ‘I don’t smoke’, will result in being heard by the subconscious as ‘run across the road or I smoke’, not so impactual if you don’t perhaps, but hellish when you’re attempting to give up.  Parts processing works on the presupposition that the subconscious mind is broken down into different aspects in relation to the experiences and challenges faced at various stages of our child and adulthood.  These aspects such as our curious, creative or courageous parts get stuck and stifled due to challenging experiences thus rendering them unable to grow and develop in line with the human body and mind.  Essentially our subconscious responds to behaviour patterns it found worked as a child and continued to use them even though as an adult they may prove inappropriate and unsuccessful.

Parts Processing work is a humbling experience, filled with creativity and enlightenment.



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