Metaphysical and Energy Psychology

Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of energy Psychology and works within the Meridian Energy System.  Essentially when we experience a situation, physical or emotional which disturbs our energy field an energetic disturbance can result.  Energetically, emotionally and physically we contract as a consequence and the experience remains as an energetic memory affecting us psychologically, physically and emotionally.  It results in setting up limiting beliefs, hampers self-confidence thus resulting in behaviour patterns and life choices which lessen our potential, health and happiness.  By tuning into the life’s events and fully feeling them, utilising the most appropriate wording to express them whilst tapping certain meridian points, the emotional disturbances are released and balance is restored.

This is a treatment which can be worked on within one to one sessions to identify energy blocks and limiting beliefs.  It works well for physical symptoms, phobias, addictions and anxieties too, whilst aiding one to enhance their self-belief and achieving pre identified goals.

EFT is a simple and yet highly effective tool which can also be taught enabling both adults and children to facilitate ones own Emotional Freedom.

Emotional Freedom Technique works well in conjunction with other energy psychology work such as Brain Gym, Chi Kung, Trauma Release Exercises and Shamanic Breath work.  Positive Affirmations can also be tapped into the energy system once blockages have been released, further enhancing ones personal effectiveness and success.

Time Line Therapy works well in conjunction with EFT and Shamanic Breath work, when exchanging energy from people or events.  Time Line Therapy was born from Shamanism, the benefits of this Metaphysical therapy have now been utilised within the realms of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Time Line Therapy combines a variety of techniques to work with the conscious and unconscious mind. Its purpose is to enable recovery from emotional and physical trauma, eradicate unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviours thus enhancing greater future optimism and success.  The unconscious mind stores memories, preconceived perceptions and beliefs which can taint present life experiences due to emotions born of past events which then impacts those of the future from those past projections.  All achieved from here in the present.  This cycle perpetuates the same thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns, and can give the impression that nothing will ever change for the better.  In a brief period of time major changes can be experienced, whether utilised for personal therapy or to create powerful changes in business and education, Time Line Therapy is a powerful embodiment process.

Once the past blockages have been cleared, the process of identifying goals, dreams and desires can be worked on utilizing ones internal time line, visualisation techniques, intentions and other tools to bring greater success in bringing them to achievement.  Although this is a therapy in its own right, it has been used by psychotherapists, counselors, trainers and educators alike.


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