use this 4 welhxxlyClassical Swedish Massage, relaxing or invigorating, the psychological benefits are as worthy as the physical ones.

Remedial Deep Tissue Massage can be incorporated into the Swedish or as a stand alone.  Deep Tissue works on specific areas resulting from injury, pre and post operative, arthritis, trapped nerves, torn tendons or knotted muscles. Physical and emotional trauma can be released as well as rebalancing a body held tense from long term stress extreme tension.  Breathwork, mindfulness and energy release can also be incorporated with this highly effective treatment.

Indian Head Massage has been enjoyed in the East for centuries.  Specifically working on massage of the head, neck, face, shoulders and upper back, with specific work localised to scalp, temples and (neuro something spots on the head to …- look it up in Kinesiology book).  Tension and stress held within the temples, jaw, head, neck and shoulders all contribute to the cause of tension headaches, eye strain, jaw tension and teeth grinding, stiff and painful knotted necks.  Excessive computer use can exacerbate such conditions.  This massage is performed seated over clothes or with oil.

Aromatherapy Massage incorporates the use of the healing properties of aromatic Plant oils, their life force essence held within.  Specific oils are selected and combined with a lymphatic massage to enhance the bodies ability to self regulate and re-balance, supporting its innate self-healing ability.

Aromatherapy works well in combination with a Reflexology consultation.  Aromatherapy massage of the feet and legs again enhances and supports the Reflexology treatments benefits.


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