Ocean Gifts Shop

Lynne Clothier -Holistic health practitioner

I love being outside, in nature, under a blue sky soaking up the sunlight.  Added to this the hypnotic sounds of the ocean, big open blue, the sky and sea, I am a happy bunny.  Include woodland, trees, plants, flowers and our wildlife kin I have been known to almost burst with happiness.

The therapeutic quality of making things out of wood, drift or other is an understated therapy in its own right.  From collecting the gifts woodland or ocean offers to holding an intention for these pieces to find their own creative journey to finished art.

This gallery offers some of the art we achieve together.  I am very practical and appreciate blending art with practical use in the home, so whether that’s your need or creating a specific piece required for oneself, a friend, your home etc, by working with me you will co-create unique, bespoke pieces.

2016-05-28 17.07.04
Dancing Heart – Driftwood heart with willow backing. Two polished stones sit one within the centre, another at the base. 50cm X 60cm approx
2016-05-28 17.11.00
Double Headed Serpent -Driftwood heart with willow backing. A quartz crystal sits atop of each head with three feathers rising from the base. 40cm x 50cm aprox