Naturopathic Nutrition

In the Western world we have lost control of our eating.  Driven by a want for intense flavours, instant gratification and convenience does impair our health.

There is an overwVEG & SPROUTShelming link between our minds, bodies and the food in which we eat.  Yet without education and stillness of thought we barely recognise the connection.

We eat over processed foods, worry about our weight and body image.  Every town is filled with fatty food takeaways and supermarkets filled with foods that are harming our body, mood and mental health.

Our sense of taste has been hijacked by corporate food manufacturers with factory made synthetic flavours aimed at not just enticing us to eat processed foods, but to crave them above all else.  The saddening situation we now face within the food industry are that whole foods, fruit and vegetables grown commercially have very little flavour.  In part because the soil they are grown in no longer contains the nutrients it once had due to high levels of chemical fertilisers used.  On our allotment I grow organic strawberries which actually taste like strawberries, green beans and peas which taste as they should, tomatoes and a whole host of berries and vegetables whose flavours surpass anything bought in a supermarket.

The other challenge is the synthetic flavours in foods have heightened their desirability at the very same time that whole foods have lost their natural yummy-ness has diminished The importance of eating food due to its nutritional value seems anathema to many people at this time.

This important connection between nutrition and flavour has been has been dis-connected, as peoples choices in what they eat predominantly errs towards heightened flavours and the importance of its nutritional value to the body and mind for some doesn’t even come into the equation.   Sadly today more and more children are refusing to eat any foods which contain vital nutrition with alarming results to their holistic health.

The link of awareness between our bodies and our minds has suffered as a consequence. When I was young if I had a craving for a certain food, an orange for example I understood it was my body’s way of telling me I lacked a certain vitamin and to eat an orange for its vitamin C content.  Today the chemicals in foods are addictive, their presence in our bodies stimulate craving that food as if it were a drug.  One might say by eating these chemical synthetic ‘foods’, one has adopted an addiction, one which prays on the mind’s delusion of its craving the flavours whilst dis-connecting our ability to listen to our body’s signals telling us what it really needs.  What and when we eat are solely directed by our minds wants, not our body’s needs.  Then we wonder why we get ill.

The good news is that your taste buds can change given a good nutritious diet rendering those highly chemical flavoured induced food substitutes redundant as your body recovers, your taste for foods actually change making anything other than good nutritious foods repulsive to your taste buds.

The general litmus test for choosing what foods are beneficial to your health is ‘if its advertised on TV or within any media coverage, its bad for you’,  when did you last watch an advert or see an advertisement on raw organic kale or broccoli for example.

Its hard to change a well established habit especially where food is concerned, its the only addictive substance we have to continue engaging with for our survival, yet until we choose to be willing to change our eating habits through what we choose to eat and when we choose to eat it, we will continue along the same addictive mindless reactionary habits that has gotten us in the pickle we now find ourselves in, whether that’s excessive weight gain or health issues, ultimately one will result in the other.

Whether you’ve been yo-yo dieting for most of your life, seeing no changes being part of a slimming club, aware of potential health issues or experiencing them already or simply have an interest in learning about clean eating consulting and working with me will offer you the support and guidance to achieve your health and weight goals in a holistic, nourishing and sustainable way.