Tai Chi & Chi Kung

Tai Chi & Chi Kung

These forms of exercise incorporate the focus of breath, awareness and movement to enhance a sense of deep inner peace.  Tai Chi is a discipline that teaches through experience that we are human beings, not human doings, and the importance of living in the present moment, of listening to and getting to know our bodies, acknowledging our feelings and acting upon them.  It teaches us to listen to our inner voice, hear and live from our hearts and assists us to come back to our true selves, where we find our own empowerment and joy.  The following are just a sample of benefits derived from regular practice of these ancient arts of living:-

Grounding, lessening tendencies of anger and aggression                               Deeper sense of compassion                                                                           Improved periods of relaxation                                                                           Reduced stress and ability to manage stress more effectively                         Improves co-ordination and concentration                                                         Improves mobility, flexibility, strength and balance                                           Improves energy levels and overall health and vitality                                       Improves breathing capacity and self-awareness                                             Builds self-confidence, self-respect and a health self-esteem                         Improves patience, perseverance and a positive outlook                                 Improves ones health and well being in all aspects

By spending just 15-20 minutes a day practising Tai Chi or Chi Kung will help relax, de-stress and calm the mind and body, enabling one to cope with everyday life much better.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung are also healing modalities, and can be performed as part of a regular group or on a one to one basis.


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