Brain Gym & Radiant Circuits

Brain Gym

Learning occurs throughout the entire brain, and brain research has given us the image of the brain in two halves, the left and right hemispheres. Each hemisphere processes particular kinds of information, the left brain is highly articulate, time orientated, logical, analytical and processes facts, lists and computation.  The right brain specialises in space orientated tasks, such as three dimensional images, patterns, pictures, creativity, metaphors, insight and intuition. People are generally dominant in either the left or right brain which can create challenges in the learning and putting ideas into practice arenas, because only half of their brain capacity is being utilised.  Brain Gym exercises joins these two hemispheres to create whole brain learning, whereby one is able to access information, ideas etc from both sides of the brain.

Brain Gym exercises work with the Meridian System, aiding the flow of energy through and around the body for optimum health and vitality.

Radiant Circuits

The Radiant Circuits also called the Strange Flows in ancient Chinese medicine, are subtle energy flows that support and assist all other energy systems, especially the meridians. They are highly responsive to thoughts and emotions, they fuel joy and other positive feelings. Stimulating the Radiant Circuits can alter and activate inner joy by changing the neurological pathways of past experiences.  Tapping on the third eye during real immersion of joyous feelings aid this process. The use of the Radiant Circuit exercises aids the work of inner healing and balancing.

The Radiant Circuits evolution is older than the Meridians, and are not confined to fixed pathways. Instead, they move instantly where needed with a radiant glow that attracts vital energies from the environment and activates healing from within.  Quite simply, working with these exercises enhance ones sense of joy.


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