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Photo-0215I invite you to feel into this photo, into the expression of this dog, sense the hands touching his face and ask yourself ‘what form of communication is being given and received here’.

Introducing a one hours taster in Basic Counselling Skills and the Art of Communication on Wednesday 13th July, 7.30 – 8.30 pm at the Gathering Fiields. – .

Whether we are speaking or not, we are communicating all the time.  What is often unclear however is our awareness as to what we are communicating and how it is experienced by those around us?  This in turn influences the experiences we have of ourselves, others and the world in general on affecting our energy levels, physical, emotional and mental health and corresponding behaviour, which will either support or hinder our ability to experience love and joy.

How often do you ever truly feel listened to, feel truly heard.  Can you be really present with someone without that endless mind chatter distracting you from doing so?  How confident are you in expressing your feelings, are your words mis – interpreted by others leading to mis-understandings.

This one hour’s taster introduces time honoured skills of both counselling and communication aimed at enhancing your self-awareness whilst taking away useful resources to put in action immediately.

Following this taster you are invited to deepen your knowledge and skills by attending a half day introductory workshop in either Basic Counselling Skills or the Art of Communication.

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Introducing three taster workshops in June, Wed 1st, 8th and 15th from 6 – 9 pm.  The first Wed 1st is split into two sessions, 6 – 7.30 and 7.30 – 9 pm.

Mindful Nutrition

 Wed 15th June,  6 – 9 pm  –  Sky Room

The third of three taster classes at the Sanctuary of Healing, LanVEG & SPROUTSgho BB6 8AF.

Phone or e-mail Lynne to book.  Early bird price until 1st June £30 after that date £35. 

In the Western world we have lost control of our eating. A desire for intense flavours, instant gratification and convenience impairs our health.

There is an overwhelming link between our minds, bodies and the food we eat.  Yet, without education and stillness of thought we barely recognise the connection.

We eat over processed foods, worry about our weight and body image.  Every town is filled with takeaways and supermarkets filled with foods that are harming our body, mood and mental health.

During this taster session we will utilise our five senses with plenty of exercises to explore our connection with food and our bodies, to address how you can quieten your mind and fuel your body properly.  We will explore mindfulness, nutrition and how the two are linked.  You will change your views of food forever whilst heightening your awareness of how food is used in relation to emotions, habit and cravings.

Whether you have been yo-yo dieting for most of your life, disappointed being part of a slimming club, aware of potential health issues or experiencing them already or simply have an interest in learning about clean eating join me for an inspiring evening.

Bring a notebook and pen, foods you crave, those you feel intolerances to and those you wish to deepen your appreciation for.

Bring an open mind and a not too full stomach. Leave inspired.

Mindfulness and Gestalt Zones of Awareness

 Wed 8th June,  6 – 9 pm  –  Sky Room

The second of three taster classes at the  Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, BB6 8AF. 

Phone or E-mail Lynne to book. Early bird price until 25th May £30 after that date £35.spiral-1000782_640

Judging ourselves has become the social norm for most of us, our thoughts can form a continuous flow of critical judgement focused upon ourselves, others and the outside world. Thoughts, feelings and behaviour are intricately connected and when acted upon without awareness can lead to hurtful and harmful consequences.

Mindfulness and Gestalt Therapy focus upon the here and now, what is arising from you in this moment and bringing awareness to that which is usually unseen, unfelt or unheard.

An illuminating workshop designed to heighten your self-awareness using a wide range of experiences and exercises to explore Mindfulness and the three zones of Gestalt. Focusing upon bodily sensations, our contact with the outer world through our five senses and the inner world of our thinking and thought processes.  Learn which zone you are most familiar with, and then draw your awareness to experience the other two.

You’ll leave with a greater sense of self, along with vital tools to assist in tempering those negative judgemental thoughts, calming stress levels and experiencing yourself in a greater whole-istic way.

 Breathe Deeply & Move

Wed 1st June, 6 – 7.30 & 7.30 – 9 pm – Sky Room

The first of three tasters classes at the Sanctuary of Healing, Langho, BB6 8AF.

Phone or E-mail Lynne to book.   £10 per session.BREATHING PICTURE

Wild, Wise and Free. Find wildness through your bodies dance, wisdom through embodied awareness and freedom through your breath.

“Discover inner space by creating gaps in the stream of thinking.  Without those gaps, your thinking becomes repetitive, uninspired, and devoid of any creative spark”….  “Being aware of your breathing takes attention away from thinking and creates space.  It is one way of generating consciousness.” Eckhart Tolle

Turn your minds off, experience what it feels like to really breathe, move and have your energy flowing; feel embodied in the present moment.  We will incorporate a variety of breathing techniques, energy exercises and authentic movement to a range of music, finishing the session with the Vipasna Meditation.

Wear loose fitting clothes, especially round the chest, abdomen and hips.

Bring a yoga mat or blanket and cushion to sit on and plenty of water to drink.

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