The wild and not so tame peruse the coastal beauty that is Robin Hoods Bay

It seems a prudent time of year to come through the veil of the unseen and into the seen, finally taking that step upon the stage of ‘here am I, and this is my work’.  The above photo was taken about this time last year near Robin Hoods Bay.  I remember walking at the pace of nature that October morning, feeling the cool Autumnal coastal breeze whisper in hushed tones as it coursed past, and through me, delicate, salty. I breathed this life giving element into me offering gratitude to its spirit.  I stood silently opposite a gate overlooking the ocean below.  My heart was open, I felt grounded, present and aware of the unerring support of the earth beneath my feet, I was at peace with me for I was at one with the natural world. A young Jack Daw  appeared on the gate, hopping along until it stood opposite, looking directly at me.  I took a slow step forward, my breath conscious and deep, then another step.  This wild bird then took flight, not as one might have thought away from me, but directly to me landing upon my shoulder.

I find these moments of connecting with our wilder members of our earthly family a humbling experience. Our interaction bore elements of curiosity, closeness, respect and wonder for me, I can only wonder about my friend.  As a Shamanic Pagan my connection to the earth and cycles of the seasons are deeply bound within the way I choose to live.  Samhain heralds the ending of the summer, as the leaves on the trees signify a time of giving thanks to that which we have been blessed with and letting go of that which no longer sustains us.  Samhain, All Hallows Eve, now known as Halloween is a sacred time denoting  the changing from the light into the darker part of the months. The veil from the seen to the unseen is at its thinnest, allowing spirits of our ancestors passage to visit us again. It offers us the opportunity to offer prayers, blessings and thanks to those we love who have passed and prompting us to take steps to deepen our connections, allay our grievances or say the farewells still unsaid to those in the process of departing from this earthly realm.

A time to feel humble for the sacredness of our lives, the sacredness of ourselves and each other, the sacredness of our mother nature who sustains our life, it is therefore important for us always to remember our departed loved ones at this time of year as they continue their journey into eternity and we continue ours here on planet earth.

Some questions to ponder upon at this time might be as to what life really means to you, what is sacred to you, what are you able to let go of and what would you fight to retain. How comfortable are you talking about death, others and especially your own.  The shedding of the trees leaves reminds me that there is no fear in allowing ones leaves to fall, it is but part of the eternal cycle of living, dying and rebirth, for although our bodies might not be eternal, our spirit and consciousness are.  It is love which will sustain us throughout the losses and changes our earthly life, not fear. In accepting that death of the body is the only guarantee we all share, we are set free to fully live a life of love.

Wishing you all a gravely joyous Halloween.

During the month of November 2014 I will be running ‘Lets Talk About’ workshops on:

  • Letting Go
  • Loss and Grief
  • Death
  • Recognising our Blessings
  • What I find Sacred


This October time, Halloween, All Hallowed Eve