About Me

Lynne Clothier -Holistic health practitioner OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The natural world has always been my ally, from my earliest recollection I had found safety and healing within her embrace.  In nature I find freedom to simply be, there is no expectation, no judgement, because she does not come from an ego minded perspective.  I am held in acceptance and unconditional love, both transformative and healing.

She has also been my greatest teacher, from her I have learnt to keep things real, honest, expressive, diverse, pure and simple.  She teaches me how co-operation and respect ensure sustainability and survival, competition and greed do not.  I have learnt to be present in my consciousness,self-aware and respond honestly to my internal prompts and feelings; I am transparent in my communication.

I welcome her wildness for she shows me my own wild self, the freedom to be me, in all my diverse, spontaneous, reflective, beautiful, loving self.  By offering myself the gift to embrace my own wildness I embrace myself in my entirety, and by really knowing me I can accept myself, my grit, my sharp edges, personal doubts and vanquish all the should’s and shouldn’t I have been taught to accept and abide by.

I work primarily in a Person Centred way, weaving Shamanism and Gestalt into a unique fabric designed and created together to form new visions, illuminations, options and choices that are arise as a consequence of our own abilities and willingness to explore our inner terrain.

My path of service and the healing arts were formed from my beginnings in this life.  Like the archetypal wounded healer, my journey to holistic health took me along the path of Natural therapies, energy medicine and a deep curiosity as to why some people achieve their dreams and some don’t.  For the past 25 years I have been a practitioner and teacher of Alternative and Natural ways Holistic Health can be achieved and sustained.

Join me and say Yes to beginning or continuing your journey to Simply Be your true self and say Yes to I am….  For We All Are One Sacred Nature.


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